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105 Auction Winners Sample | Moise Advisory
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Auction 105 CBRS Data

Gain a competitive advantage with a complete analysis of CBRS PALs that are critical for 5G, fixed wireless and private LTE deployments. Clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of each Auction 105 license winner in every U.S. county and territory.

Moise Advisory’s detailed data analysis provides all CBRS spectrum license ownerships including:

  • A table of spectrum depth positions for all 3.5 GHz licensees by county, POP, price, and average unit price (cents/MHz-POP)
  • Maps to quickly and easily identify all PALs by individual company and industry (wireless carriers, cable and utility companies). Maps are in pdf and eps formats in order to expand and print the most granular details

Pricing Analysis of FCC Auction 105 Results

Plan sound investment strategies as well as buying/selling/leasing opportunities with spreadsheets that include:

  • 105 Market Profile: A table of EACH buyer including the number of licenses, price, POPs, and weighted averages by population classes
  • 105 Buyer Summary: Auction 105 Pricing Summary for EACH buyer in the auction including the total number of licenses, counties, POPs, price and weighted average
  • Also Known As (AKA) table: Provides bidding entity names and market names of the winners. E.g., Wetterhorn Wireless L.L.C. is doing business as DISH
  • Auction Winners Contact List: Company, Individual names, titles, phone numbers and email addresses
  • FCC Data: Auction results from the FCC

Improve your company’s wireless insights with trusted, accurate, third party data from Moise Advisory.

ALL FCC Auction results/reports provided by Moise Advisory are formatted similarly, giving our clients clear and concise spectrum ownership data. Additional analyses include: