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mmWave Auction Winners Sample | Moise Advisory
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mmWave Analysis

Gain a competitive advantage with a complete analysis of spectrum license ownerships that are critical for 5G services. Clearly understand the wireless landscape based on the strengths and weaknesses of each provider in every U.S. county and territory.

Moise Advisory’s detailed data analysis provides all mmWave spectrum license ownerships including:

  • A table of spectrum depth positions for all 24, 28, 37, 39 and 47 GHz licenses
  • Maps – quickly and easily identify mmWave ownerships in pdf and eps formats in order to expand and print the most granular details

Pricing Analysis of FCC Auction 103 Results

Plan sound investment strategies as well as buying/selling/leasing opportunities with spreadsheets that include:

  • 103 Markets Price Winners: List of each market (PEA) sold in Auction 103, its population, the winning price of the MN and P blocks, the unit price (cents/MHz-POP) of the winning bids, and the winning bidder by block. Prices are those of the clock round and do not include allocated Assignment Round prices
  • 103 Pricing Summary: A table of the number, price, weighted average, minimum and maximum prices of the markets sold in the auction by population classes. All, MN and P blocks are shown separately
  • 103 Buyer Summary: The 103 Pricing Summary for each buyer in the auction
  • 103 Buyers:  A list of all purchasers, the number of licenses purchased, total amount of pops covered by those licenses (non-unique), total amount paid and average cents per MHz-POP paid
  • FCC Data: Auction results from the FCC